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Why the hell are we doing this, anyway?

I Heart Vodka

This is a surprisingly difficult question to answer.  Yes, we are probably nuts (most derby people are). Why would two over worked and over committed derby lovers, like Boxcar and myself, take on the expense, risk, and hassle of opening a derby store?

Here goes…

  • For the love of derby – There is a sad lack of derby equipment available locally.  This really hurts our local league’s ability to on board skaters quickly. It can also makes for high drama while a seasoned skater waits on an equipment delivery precious days before the bout. We know having basic supplies locally will make a difference to our league! 
  • There is so much opportunity – We love buying derby gear and accessories… but as it stands the buying experience can be painful!  With a wide world of options and new products on the market all the time, there is no great way to comparison shop without a hours of research and a few dozen spreadsheets.  We know there has to be a better way!
  • We’ve got mad skills – further to the above point, we have some pretty nifty plans for a unique app which ties into our store and offers some neat-oh tools for derby players.   With over 25 years tech and creative experience between us, we’ve got plenty of brain power to bring our app to market.  We know if we build it, they will come!
  • Just because we want to – When it comes down to it, Boxy and I just both have that look in our eyes… this is happening, whatever hell there is to pay!  We’ve already had to adjust along the way, but it’s really no big deal, we just keep rolling towards the end goal… and dream of filling our first order!  We know if we put in the work, we can build something remarkable!


Will we survive this?  Will our friendship survive this? I think so 🙂  We’re in this together and together I’m convinced we can accomplish greatness.