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Measuring Guide: Adult Freshmeat Kit

The following guides are recommended for the average adult.  Whenever possible, skaters should contact us for a free private fitting to ensure the best possible fit.

To measure yourself, you will need

  • One soft tape measuring (like a tailor would use)
  • Two pieces of paper
  • (Optional) A friend to assist or a mirror

S-ONE Lifer Helmet

  • Take a soft tape measure and wrap it around your head
  • Think about keeping your head level, point the top of you head to the ceiling and your jaw line parallel with the floor
  • You may want a friend or a mirror to ensure that you are measuring just above your ears and level to the ground
  • First determine which hard shell will fit you best
    • If your head measures 18.5 – 20.5″ check out the S1 Mini Lifer Helmet.
    • If your head measures 20.5″ – 23.5″ check out the S1 Lifer Helmet
    • If your head measures 23.” – 25.5″ check out the S1 Mega Lifer Helmet.
  • Second, use the following chart to determine which fit kit will best fit your head


Sisu Mouth guard

If you are 12 years old or older, the recommended size is an adult SISU mouth guard.

Smith Scabs 3-Pack (wrist, elbow, knee pads)

As an entry level set of pads, these kits try their best to be as close to “one size for all” as possible.  While technically the adult sizing is offered in S/M/L/XL, the sizing is most relevant to wrist guards.


R3 Derby Skates

We recommend you measure both feet, as they may very.