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Laces are more than just eye candy

Pay attention to your lacing… your feet will thank you!

Lace Patterns
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I have laces on the brain these days thanks to Mad Moiselle and my aching toes.

Mad Moiselle recently sent me this info-graphic showing various lacing configurations to solve specific foot aches and pains. My issue was sore toes; Months ago I even lost a toenail from one of my big toes (yuck!) although that may have been from a kick to the foot. :/ So, according to this lovely chart, I’ve laced my skates based on the lace configuration which pulls the skate toe box up from the toe.


I have to admit, after unlacing my boots, I realized that my old lacing pattern was probably the worst possible configuration for sore toes. I had extra lace straddling my toes to secure my toe caps (which I got, in part, in hopes of reducing pain from the aforementioned kicks to the toes!). It’s been several weeks since making the change, and I’m happy to report that my pain is completely gone.

Are your laces in need of a refresh?  Check out all the great laces available at Busted Skate!

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Riedell is in the house!

Diamond Natural 94A

My first pair of skates were Riedell 165s.  My second (and current) pair of skates were  Riedell Blue Streaks.  It’s no coincidence that I stayed in the Riedell family when upgrading from my freshmeat set or that so many skaters in the Thunder Bay Roller Derby League are currently skating on Riedells.

We know and love the brand!  And now we are so pleased to be an official Riedell dealer.

The ability for our local derby leagues to try on Riedell roller derby skates for size and fit is huge and is exactly our incentive for launching Busted Skate.  We couldn’t be more pleased!

Currently in stock we have skates, toe stops, toe caps, tools, skate bags, wheel bags, and wheels (so many wheels!).

A full catalogue of Reidell products can be viewed here:

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We’ve got your Bonts right here!

Everyone knows how much Boxcar loves her Bonts 🙂

Now you can have them too!  We carry all Bont products including boots, plates, wheels, bearings, hats, bags, and accessories.

We’re still adding Bont products to our storefront.  If you don’t see something you are interested in, please contact us.