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Laces are more than just eye candy

Pay attention to your lacing… your feet will thank you!

Lace Patterns
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I have laces on the brain these days thanks to Mad Moiselle and my aching toes.

Mad Moiselle recently sent me this info-graphic showing various lacing configurations to solve specific foot aches and pains. My issue was sore toes; Months ago I even lost a toenail from one of my big toes (yuck!) although that may have been from a kick to the foot. :/ So, according to this lovely chart, I’ve laced my skates based on the lace configuration which pulls the skate toe box up from the toe.


I have to admit, after unlacing my boots, I realized that my old lacing pattern was probably the worst possible configuration for sore toes. I had extra lace straddling my toes to secure my toe caps (which I got, in part, in hopes of reducing pain from the aforementioned kicks to the toes!). It’s been several weeks since making the change, and I’m happy to report that my pain is completely gone.

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