We’re pleased to offer a consignment program for previously loved roller derby equipment.

How it works….

  1. Fill in our online submission form – Busted Skate Consignment Agreement
  2. We will
    1. contact you to confirm your submitted form was accepted and arrange for drop off your item
    2. photograph your item and confirm your valuation is reasonable
    3. advertise your item on our website and Facebook page
    4. collect payment and arrange delivery to the buyer
    5. send you the payment less our admin fee.  We charge an admin fee of 25% if you choose to be paid out in cash.  We charge an admin fee of 20% if you choose to be paid out in store credit.



  • What if I have items I’m willing to give for free?
    We’re happy to accept donations and will ensure your previously loved item finds a good home.
  • What if I change my mind and no longer want to sell my item?
    Contact us and we will arrange to return your item to you.