Bionic Lock Nuts (Set of 8)


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A very inexpensive way to maintain fast bearings for a long time.

Bionic Nuts are not only for looks or to reduce weight. ¬†Most important feature and reason for making Bionic Nuts: there is a flange built into the nut unlike standard steel lock nuts. This flange protects against denting bearing shields during the removal or assembly of your wheels. Nearly every 1/2″ wrench is designed too deep for the assembly and disassembly of quad wheels. The slightest angle or pressure from the wrench jeopardizes the efficiency of your bearing and can ultimately cause drag and fatigue.

Use Bionic Nuts and you will never dent another bearing shield, thus, saving you money, hassles of repairing or having to remove bearings and most important it ensures your bearings are rolling as free as they are capable of. (Bionic Nuts do not improve the speed of your bearings, they protect them from becoming damaged and losing speed that causes body fatigue.)

Bionic Lock Nut Features: Bionic Nuts are made of 3M glass filled Nylon. No shrinkage during the molding process, super strong threads for long lasting nuts.

Sold in sets of 8 consisting of a single colour.