Sisu Mouthguard


The Sisu Aero Guard 1.6mm thin has quickly becoming the most popular mouthguard with the Thunder Bay Roller Derby League.


  • Thin and light weight
  • All you need is hot water to custom fit to your teeth
  • Most skaters claim it’s comfortable and they can talk while wearing it


Sizing Information

  • Sisu recommends size youth for ages 7-11
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As invisible and ultralight as the air for which it was named, SISU Aero is a 1.6 mm high-tech mouth guard. Designed for athletes who prefer to easily talk, breathe and drink during game time (otherwise known as: all athletes), the Aero is revolutionizing mouth guards one mouth at a time.

Why we love it…

  • the most comfortable mouth guard we’ve found
  • super durable (stands up to chewers)
  • we can talk while wearing it
  • it can be re-shaped up to 25 times (it’s magical! yay science!)



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Snow White, Charcoal Black, Intense Red, Electric Blue, Hot Pink, Royal Blue, Purple Punch, Spring Green, Sunny Yellow, Tangerine Orange, Forest Green


Adult, Youth